SW21 High frequency AC/DC switching power supplies

Linear direct current delivery
Pulse current delivery
Current ramp management
Management Ah and Amin

Available communication protocols: Profinet, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet, others on request

Possibility of data collection via OPC UA server

Possibility of control within the LAN via PC, Tablet or Smartphone

SW21 switching power supplies are direct current converters made for industrial applications with high frequency PWM control and use of IGBTs.
Designed and built for continuous operation at full load, they are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as: metal surface treatments, electrochemical processes, water treatment and for all applications where precise and reliable control of the direct current is required.

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Tiny dimensions
Ripple < 2%
High precision
Fast recovery
Full load continuous working

Output voltages realizable from 3Vdc to 400Vdc
Output currents realizable from 50Adc to 20000Adc




Touch version

Pulsating current operation with adjustable parameters.

Display of Ah for the management of dosing pumps.

Programmable and storable work cycles with voltage and current ramps.




The available functions are:

– turn the rectifier on and off
– set constant voltage or constant current operation
– set a desired Ah level with contact for activating any dispenser
– view the voltage and current supplied
– view the partial and total Ah supplied
– view the status of the rectifier and any alarms
– set the work cycle

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Working cycle
The methods of supplying the direct voltage with which it is possible to compose a work cycle are as follows

Ramp up
It is possible to set a rise time of the continuous voltage in order to obtain a controlled growth of the working current at the start of the working. Adjustable.

Pulse operation
For all or only for a certain work phase it is possible to foresee the supply of an impulsive current. The parameters that can be set are the pulse width (limited by the rectifier plate value) and the pulse duration time. The pulse time is typically set to values ​​between 200-800msec. Faster impulses are affected by the inductance of the connection to the tank and are increasingly attenuated as the speed increases.

Constant current operation
In constant voltage/current operation, the rectifier stabilizes the set voltage or current against variations in mains voltage and load. Operation at constant voltage/current can be provided for the entire duty cycle or for a part of it.