Rectifiers for chromium coating

Chromium is one of the most delicate and critical among coating processes. 

For higher Efficiency and Penetration CAEV rectifiers are designed and e equipped with:

  • LC ripple smoothing filter cells
  • "Current shock" facility

Rectifiers for hard chromium can be equipped with:

  • Solid state reversing facility, automatic cycle: etching - chomium plating
  • Output voltage rising ramp
  • Closed loop water cooling

CAEV product line for chromium coating include rectifiers up to 30000Adc

Technical data (for more detailed information download PDF up here)

  • Three phase input voltage according to customer requests
  • Main breaker with handle and locking system
  • Main transformer according to IEC standards
  • Thyristor rectifing bridge: six phase with reactor, three phase bridge, twelve pulse bridge
  • Output voltage and current stepless regulation from 0 to the nominal value
  • Constant voltage and constant current regulation
  • Output voltage and current rising ramp regulation
  • Output voltage and current stabilization: 1%
  • LC cell filter to reduce output ripple according to customer requests
  • Manual controls on the front door or in remote control box
  • Output voltage and current display
  • Remote PLC control via optoinsulated signals: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V
  • Remote PLC control via Modbus or Profibus serial net
  • Forced air cooling
  • Closed loop water cooling
  • Cooling via air conditioner for IP55 enclosures
  • Epoxidic painting
  • Enclosure with lugs, feet or wheels. Easily removable. 
  • Enclosure protection degree: IP20...IP55
  • Magnetic and thermal protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Extra-fast fuses for semicondutor devices protection
  • RC subbers for semiconductor devices protection
  • Over-current electronic protection
  • Input phase sequence monitoring circuit
  • Auxiliary circuit protection by fuses and breakers
  • Copper and aluminium busbars

Optional devices:

  • Current shock facility
  • Multiple rectifiers in one cubicle
  • Amperhour meter and dosing pump
  • Ramp programmer
  • Process timing control devices